Saturday, 23 September 2017

Ultimate Berry Lip- MAC Diva Lipstick and Currant Lipliner Review

We've well and truly left summer and hit autumn with full force, so for my first post back after a (very!) long time away, I thought I'd bring you a review of one of the most perfect autumn lip colours ever! For those of you that love a berry lip- this is an absolute must for your collections! A classic deep red-burgundy, although with some purple undertones, it's a versatile shade that is appropriate for both day and night time, depending on how adventurous you feel! Paired with the lip liner, you'll be able to achieve the most flawless berry lip ever!

You may notice from the picture that this shade is very well loved- I've worn the colour many a time since the lady at MAC first applied the shade for me and I instantly fell in love with it. Back when I first bought it, I was somewhat inexperienced in the world of lipstick- I'd certainly never dared wearing anything too bright or dark- so this was a major first for me! Firstly, I'd describe the colour as burdgundy- it's very dark, and on me, a balance between a cool and warm tone- however, I am aware that for many lovers of the shade, it most definitely appears to be more of a very dark red, and is most definitely on the warmer side of shades, as opposed to being cool-toned. As for staying power- I can barely fault it! I can apply this lipstick at the start of the day and often barely even have to reapply after eating. It's a matte- and I warn you, it is indeed, extremely matte, and if I was to give one fault, I would advise you that it can be fairly drying to the lips if you don't prep them correctly. However, it is this matte finish that makes the lipstick so hard-wearing, which is an automatic plus in my book! I usually apply lip balm well before applying this shade, to ensure that my lips are completely moisturised, and thus, the shade doesn't sit in the lines in my lips and instead glides on very smoothly. I believe that by using lip balm, the lipstick has a slight sheen as opposed to a full matte finish, which I personally prefer, but if you prefer full matte then avoid applying lip balm directly before applying to achieve this look, and potentially an even stronger hold.

The lip liner that MAC recommends using with this shade is 'Currant'. This liner is extremely effective at preventing the lipstick from bleeding, and obviously as it is designed to be paired with this lipstick, it is a very good match for the shade, so there isn't a hugely obvious line running around the edge of the lips. There is a slight difference in shade which is shown in the swatches below: as you can see, this lip liner has a definite cool tone, so you have to ensure that you don't simply fill in the lips with the lipstick and that you instead fully coat the lips with lipstick over the top of the liner. As for the finish- as with most liners, it's matte, so to hold the lipstick in place- my only issue with this is that it can sometimes drag on the lips when applying so I usually apply this after using some lip balm so make sure the pencil can still glide around the edge of my lips and create a smooth line.

These are the swatches of the two products- on the left is the lip pencil in 'Currant' and on the right, there is the lipstick shade 'Diva'. You can see the slight difference in the shades here- as you can see, they are a close match with only a slightly stronger purple tone running through the lip liner!

I hope you find this review helpful, and maybe even found a new lipstick out of it! I've posted the image below to show you how this lipstick looks on. Thank you for reading, and I'll see you in my next post!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Step into Spring- Spring Lookbook

Today I have a spring lookbook for you. Since the weather is beginning to change for us, I have a few outfit ideas for you. These are a mixture of outfits for both casual and formal occasions. 

So the first outfit I've picked out is featured above. I paired this cropped, green, sweatshirt style jumper with some white jeans, to keep it looking bright and fresh for spring. I wore a long necklace with a large green and turquoise jewel on the end, which is fairly simple but dresses up the top a little. I also accessorised with some lime and blue bracelets and my pearl earrings. For shoes, I opted for cream boots with a zip on the inside, that appear loosely laced up, and I kept my hair down

Spring is great for wearing slightly more summery clothes, but not going all out with strappy vest tops and shorts yet. I choose this stripy, purple toned sleeveless jumper with a roll neck. I wore dark blue, denim skinny jeans and the same boots that I wore in the previous look, which I think go really well to tone in with the brown faux leather jacket I wore. I chose to wear long earrings, but kept my accessories to a minimum, only adding some rings. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail to complete this look.

The third look is very minimalist, pairing a black cropped bralet-style top with minor detailing with black leggings, and my black, buckled boots. I chose to add a splash of colour by wearing my denim shirt undone to keep the look very casual, but still a little vibrant for spring. Again, I kept my accessories to a minimum with some gold hoop earrings, and put my hair into a messy top-knot. 

The final look is definitely the most formal, and would be perfect for a party, although it's also wearable during the day too. I wore this black and white striped dress, with a slight skater dress style, and kept warm by wearing sheer black tights and my grey wool coat. I used light, but pretty accessories, opting for my pearl earrings (not visible in these pictures), two silver rings, and a silver diamante bangle. I wore black, lacy ballet pumps on my feet and kept my hair down with just a little gripped back.

I hope you liked this post and maybe got some outfit inspiration from it. Comment down below your favourite look, and follow my blog if you'd like to see my future posts!

For now, bye x