Saturday, 25 April 2015

Things I want to do this summer!

Photo taken by me last summer.

So we're quickly approaching the end of April, which means warmer weather (hopefully!), summer fashion and opportunities to get outside more! Even though I'm sat writing this as it's dark and rainy outside, the past few weeks have been really warm and sunny, so I felt like doing this post!

50 things to do this summer

1. Eat more healthy food. Especially salads and smoothies!
2. Discover new blogs- I love reading them, but I find it so hard to get enough time!
3. Take my dog for lots of walks. I feel so happy after taking my dog out!
4. Go to the beach.
5. Try out some different summer fashions!
6. Improve my photography. I feel like my photography could improve, so I want to get more practice.
7. Meet a friend in town for a coffee or milkshake.
8. Go and watch a film at the cinema. I know I could do it at anytime of year, but I don't go to the cinema much!
9. Get a frozen yogurt. A healthier alternative to ice cream!
10. Go to a festival!
11. Go out for runs- maybe in the mornings to start the day!
12. Bake lot of yummy cakes!
13. Go on a picnic.
14. Have a barbecue with family and friends.
15. Go swimming.
16. Make lemonade.
17. Read lots of books!
18. Grow sunflowers!
19. Grow some tomatoes and other fruits or vegetables.
20. Go to a theme park.
21. Have a water fight.
22. Make a pizza!
23. Get an ice cream- preferable from an ice cream van :)
24. Do yoga.
25. Watch a sunset.
26. Go to the duck pond.
27. Make jam.
28. Make a fruit salad.
29. Play hide and seek.
30. Go bowling.
31. Keep a diary everyday through the summer holidays.
32. Scrapbook.
33. Photograph a butterfly.
34. Eat watermelon.
35. Go to a car boot sale.
36. Try to blog more.
37. Create a video diary to look back on when I'm older.
38. Toast marshmallows... and make s'mores.
39. Go to a library.
40. Buy a box of iced-ring doughnuts!
41. Go on a hike.
42. Write a short story.
43. Make a tie-dye craft.
44. Have a sleepover.
45. Make a dream-catcher.
46. Make fudge.
47. Go blackberry picking.
48. Get a tan.
49. Go shopping!
50. Spend a summer evening out with family and friends.

I've tried to keep my list achievable and I can't wait for summer! Let me know in the comments below what you want to do during the summer months.


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