Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Mascara Top Tips

Recently I've been looking into mascaras a little bit more and trying to find one that lengthens but keeps my lashes looking natural. I think we can often end up in a rut when it comes to using the same mascara just because we are used to it, and I know that I often shy away from trying new brands. However, when I find a mascara that I really like, it makes all the difference.

Mascara isn't just about the actual product though- how you use it will make all the difference! Here are my top tips for using mascara.

1. Wiggle the brush through your lashes from side to side, rather than straight up through. However, work from your lash line to the tips of your lashes slowly, as I find that by taking a little more time over application really helps to lengthen my lashes.

2. Choose a mascara that does what you're specifically looking for. If your lashes are quite straight but long, a lengthening mascara isn't going to help as much as a curling mascara, which would lift up the lashes and open up your eyes. Take a look at your eye lashes, and decide what you want to improve.

3. Don't pump the wand. This will do two things; it will make it much easier for bacteria to grow in your mascara tube, and will also dry out the product, meaning you can't get as much use out of it. 

4. Get the excess mascara off the wand by gently rubbing it on a tissue before you apply. It will make your eyelashes less clumpy, so you can create a much softer and natural look.

5. Apply at least two coats. It may seem a little time consuming, but by the time you've finished doing the second eye, you can apply the second coat on the first eye again. Doing two coats will make a real difference, which is why I'd recommend it.

6. Use an eyelash comb. After applying your mascara, take an eyelash comb to separate your lashes. This makes your mascara look more natural and also can reduce the fall-down from crumbling mascara.

I hope this maybe helped some of you improve how your mascara looks! I just want to mention that Erin from itseverythingerin.blogspot.co.uk, has nominated me for the Liebster Award, however, since I've already done this a few times, I just wanted you to check out her blog!


  1. I only ever do one coat of mascara, so I'll have to try another and see the difference! Great post x


    1. Thank you- and it's definitely worth a try, I always notice the difference when I make time to do it! Xx

  2. Great post, thank you so much for the mention! I didn't realise you had already done it a few times and since you are one of my favourite blogs I had to nominate you haha!x


    1. Thank you so much! And that's ok! Xx


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