Sunday, 4 January 2015

Messy, bohemian- style updo

This post is going to be a hair tutorial. I've only ever done one hair post before this, and that wasn't exactly brilliant, because it had no pictures. This one has pictures, although unfortunately, when I took the photo I didn't know it would ever be on my blog, and therefore, there isn't any 'tutorial' images. I'm just going to try my best to explain!

 (also, I'm so sorry about the bad quality image, the photo was taken on an iPad 2- not the best camera quality, but we can make it work!)

This hairstyle is much easier to do on a friend (which is what I did), so practise on someone else a few times before on yourself.

1. At your hairline, on the side of your head, you're going to want to start french braiding (inwards, rather than outwards- this will make a dutch braid which kind of 'sticks off your head'). 

2. As you braid the hair, you will want to slowing bring the braid round in a curve as shown in the picture. To french braid, you'll want three sections small sections, and as you braid you want to take another small piece of hair into the section you're bringing over to incorporate all the hair into the braid.

3. By the time you reach the area just above the nape of your neck (on the opposite side to where you started the braid), you should have incorporated all the hair. Work out where you want the bun to be, and finish the braid there. Secure the braid down to your head with bobby pins (that will be covered by the bun), and a hair band at the point that the braid starts coming away from your head.

4. Now you will need to create the bun. This can be difficult, especially when it comes to getting it to stay in place. Firstly, if you want an extra 'boho' look, you can put a few extra braids through the non-braided part (it will be like a low side ponytail), as this will go up into the bun making it look messier. If not follow instructions from step 5.

5. To get a messy bun, you need to twist the hair a little, and kind of scrunch it into the bun shape rather than wrap it round. This makes a much messier bun. Secure this with a couple of hairbands. Then you need to take some hairpins and/or bobby pins to secure the bun in place much better. Do this until it feels completely secure, and it won't fall out. 

6. Spray some hairspray over your hair, and you're good to go.

Personally I think this hairstyle is perfect for casual or formal looks, whether you're going out with your friends in the day time, or going for a family meal in the evening. It does take some time, so I wouldn't recommend for school or work, but other than that, I think you could do it whenever you wanted!

Where you could get the tools (UK):
Click any of the words for links to examples.

Hairpins- these are stretched out and designed for buns- they aren't like bobbypins/hairgrips.

Hairgrips- these are the flat ones the can be used to either secure the bun, or to secure the braid. These can work like hairpins, but not as well. (I've chosen long, because both me and my friend have long, and pretty thick hair, and these have good hold, you can use whichever you want)

Hair bands- I like to use the ones I linked to, but you can use whichever you prefer.

Clear elastics- to use if you want to make small braids in the bun, use these. These are available nearly everywhere, so search around for the best price.

You'll want a hairbrush, comb and hairspray of your choice too.

The girl in the picture is my best friend Alice, she has a blog that you should all check out:

I hope this maybe helped some people try out a new hairstyle, I know the tutorial isn't great, and if you can't achieve this at first, perhaps try to find a tutorial, and just keep practising!


  1. That's a real pretty hairstyle, I might try this out sometime.

    Meme xx

    1. Thank you! I wish I could do this on myself but I find it really difficult and it takes me ages and still looks messy! But if you do try it, I'd love to see a picture! You could email it to me if you wanted to:)


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