Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Nail Polish Picks for Christmas!

Hello Everyone!

It's the 23rd! I'm really excited for Christmas, for me there is always so much anticipation! I really enjoy the few days before Christmas, because everyone is buzzing with excitement and making last minute arrangements. Also Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day are great because you can spend time with family and friends- this year I'm seeing my grandad and step grandma on the morning of Christmas Eve, and some good family friends in the afternoon into evening,then spending Christmas Day with my parents, and Boxing Day with my Aunty, Uncle and cousins. Anyway, for this post I thought I'd share my top picks for nail polish this Christmas!

Just so you know, I haven't tried number 4, but I loved it so much, I had to post it on here! I'm really hoping to try it out soon!

1. Classic Matte Nail Paint Burgundy Crush (Barry M)

I think this colour is amazing and it's really classy and versatile for Christmas. This is probably the best quality nail polish I have ever used as well, I find it barely chips, is long lasting and application isn't too thin or thick. This is actually a matte shade, which is really on trend, however, if you want a shiny effect, you can use Barry M's base coat, top coat and nail hardener in one, which can be found here.

No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Colour

Yet another brilliant nail colour for Christmas, I think red is a classic as you can get. With this gel-look style, you can create a great look for Christmas, that's super glossy, and well-finished. It's a good application, probably requiring 2 coats (as with pretty much all nail polishes- including Barry M), and shouldn't be disappointing. A fun extra 
is using some gold or silver glitter coating, for some extra sparkle, though be careful choosing as some of this coatings don't stay on well. 

3. Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Quick Dry

I've used this colour in the past. It's a nice alternative to a typical red tone colour, while still staying a little festive. The quality of this polish is fairly good, especially after 2 or 3 applictaions, and it dries really quickly (as the name suggested). Whilst I wouldn't say its the best polish I've tried, it certainly isn't the worst. I also think this polish looks great with 'crackle' nail polish over it, I've used black crackle before, but I think there are several other colours that would look nice over it too. 

4. Butter London Nail Polish British Racing Green (11ml)

Butter London Nail Polish British Racing Green 11ml

(taken from the Butter London website)

I know some people will not like this colour at all, but I found this nail polish and I love it! I've seen pictures of it painted on nails, and I think it's great because it's not too light, and it seems fairly glossy. This is the only polish that I've listed, that I haven't tried, so unfortunately I can't give my opinion on the quality of it, but I personally think it's a great option for Christmas. I really want to buy this now, but I'm going to have to wait for a while because it is fairly expensive at £12!

5. Gelly Nail Effects- Sugar Apple

Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do this colour justice, it's got a much richer blue colour in real life, but this is a nice choice if you aren't into traditional or dark colours. This blue shade is quite summery, but can have a completely different effect if it's used in the winter, which is why it's in my top picks. Again, it's Barry M, so the quality is great, and this one has a gel finish, which I love, because it just makes it so glossy and pretty!

I will probably be wearing the burgundy colour this Christmas, although I always find it hard to choose a favourite!

Which colours do you like the best? Are there any colours you are loving that I haven't listed? Leave a comment below to tell me!

In case I don't post again before Christmas Day,

Merry Christmas!


  1. Hiya, i love all these colours especially number 4 the dark green one!
    Will definitely be coming back to your blog again :)

  2. Thank you Georgia! I agree that colour is gorgeous, I can't wait to buy it and try it out! That's very kind that you want to visit my blog again, so thank you! I will definitely be visiting yours again too, it's exactly the kind of blog I enjoy reading :) xx


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